I help Heart Centered entrepreneurs

Grow Their Business By Aligning with their Power

You know you Can be a great coach.

But doubt, resistance & procrastination keeps popping up...

It doesn't have to be that way.

Imagine what it would be like to tap into your STRENGTHS

& values to build a busines you love.

Attract clients by speaking your truth.
Feel confident about the work that you do.
A thriving business aligned with your integrity.
Shift Your Mindset & Be Unstoppable
Make An Impact In People's Lives. ​

Let’s work together

NEuro Soul Coaching Program

Who is my 1:1 coaching for? 

  • You want to tap into all aspects of your life to tap into your superpowers – & unleash your full potential
  • Create a thriving business based on your values and integrity
  • You are ready for the next level

How to Get Started

Meet & Greet

Send me a chat message, email or schedule a phone call.
We discuss what's going on, what you want to achieve, and what's the best way I can help you.

The Journey

You will start work on the program of your choice.
We track your progress, tackle obstacles, and create your desired future in the 1:1 sessions.

Road To Success

Leverage your inner wisdom, resources and quirky traits to build a business that's authentic, creates impact in others lives and have fun while doing it!

What Clients Say

"When I started this journey, I was scared, I was overwhelmed. Working with Shan has help me take action, have a plan and be excited. Now when I do stuff in my business, it's not from a space of fear. It's from a space of fun. It's something that I am looking forward to. This has been a complete game changer for me, and I am thankful. It has been an incredible, incredible, incredible journey."
Iris Hamilton
"I have worked with many business coaches, but Shan took it to a different level. She asked insightful, deep questions which gave me several aha moments that helped me connect to my inner strength and confidence! I always leave our sessions feeling motivated and inspired to take action, and she keeps me accountable too. Thanks Shan."
Stacy Messina
Relationship Coach

About Me

Hi, I am Shan.

Like you, I knew that I had so much to offer the world. If only I could get over all that internal gunk and confusion that was in the way!

I didn’t know what to do, where to start – and why I kept holding myself back despite KNOWING there’s shit I need to get done.

And so, using my 15 years of knowledge as a sociologist and consumer behavior consultant, I put it to work. Only to realize science can only do so much!

That was 4 years of frustration, feeling lost and multiple setbacks.

And what I found, was the combination of positive psychology, coupled with a spiritual, mindfulness aspect was what worked. 

This approach has helped dozens of clients who went from feeling stuck, lost and chronic procrastination to moving mountains, confident and excited about the future.

It gives me so much joy to guide my clients to tap into their powerful self and return to who they truly are. 🙂

And oh, credentials:

  • Did my Phd in Sociology at Washington State, MA in Boston College
  • Researcher and lecturer in human behavior for 10 years
  • Consumer research consultant for companies such as Samsung and MetLife
  • Solution Focused Therapy practitioner
  • Meditator for 9 years

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