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Feel like you have so much to offer but you are often stuck and holding yourself back? It’s time to take charge of your beliefs, transform and be the person that you know you truly are. 

Hi, I'm Shan George,
a behavior scientist & educator

You have already taken the first step by understanding you need to change something in your life.
Let me help you the rest of the way.

My journey started when I went through a series of catastrophic setbacks. I felt like I was capable of achieving so much more, but my mindset and negative beliefs were holding me hostage. 

As a behavior scientist, I understood the limitations of science and started exploring spiritual methods, but wanted to see if there was science behind the spiritual methods. 7 years of research later, this led to the combination of science and spirituality that I now teach in managing emotions, beliefs and behaviors. 

My mission is to help you tap into your potential and harness it to become the powerful human that I know you are. 

How to get started

Step 1:

Meet & Greet

We get to know each other and understand the main obstacles you face with your mindset and behaviors.

Step 2:

The Plan

We create a plan based on your needs to overcome the beliefs and behaviors that hold you back.

Step 3:

The Journey

We track your progress and tackle obstacles & resistance that comes up during your self-practice in our meetings.

Step 4:

Road to Success

Overcome the beliefs and behaviors that hold you back, master your emotions and go after what you want with zest!

Clients share their
story and success

“I am so fortunate to have found Shan! She helped further my self-awareness and understanding, and changing my unhealthy beliefs to a more healthy mindset. I am so appreciative of her support."

Maritza Mueller

“I struggle with procrastination, which annoys me as a perfectionist. Working with Shan helped me understand the underlying beliefs that was hurting me, and she taught me so much to overcome these and rebuild myself.”

Ally Samuels

“Shan is a friend for life. Her encouragement and support, as well as her deep knowledge and sense of humor really made me feel she truly cared for me and she wanted to help me succeed."

Emma Lee

Some things you want to know and understand

Sure! Once you click on the booking link, it will prompt you to answer a few questions so I understand your situation better, and then prompt you to reserve a date & 30 minute time slot that works for you. On the day of the meeting, we will discuss your situation in detail, what you need help with, my assessment of your situation and how can we work together. In the event that I feel it would be better for you to work with other coaches or therapists etc, I am happy to make recommendations where appropriate. 

It depends on your situation and what’s most appropriate for you. Typically it ranges from 4 to 12 meetings, which includes the lectures and time for us to work together . These lessons are specifically tailored for you and you will be the only student in the class.

Yes, we can have a one off consultation meeting. Please email me at shan@shangeorge.com for details and to book an appointment.

Each session runs between 60 to 75 minutes, depending on what we are working on for the week.

I did my PhD in Sociology, taught behavioral sciences and did research at various universities on human behavior. Thereafter I switched to the private sector and consulted for companies such as Samsung on consumer behavior and research.

However, I wanted a life of purpose and meaning, and it gives me great joy to teach what I know about personal growth and to support and encourage others. It also pisses me off that there’s a lot of BS out there that doesn’t work  but people sell it because it’s sexy! That’s when I decided to go down this path and teach all I know. 

Questions? Drop me an email.

Let's talk.

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