Be the Bold & Confident

A program to transform your mindset & behavior for introverts.

You Feel Like You Are Capable of So Much in Life and Work

But You Often Feel Stuck, Frustrated And Struggle With These Problems..
  • You think & worry too much


  • Uncertainty freezes you & you feel stuck


  • You do lots of research – but rarely act
  • Nothing you do feels perfect enough


  • You procrastinate – a lot


  • You give up on tasks you struggle with because you feel like a failure


You Don't Have to Suffer.

I will teach you what you need to step up and tap into your full potential.

Imagine what it would be like to be excited about the life you create.


Feel confident in yourself & your abilities


Cut down procrastination & take steady action


Build resilience and become stronger & calmer


Master your fears and live life fully


Go from overthinking worrier to confident go-getter


Hey, fellow introvert.

As an introvert, I know how thinking, worrying and a dislike of uncertainty is a lifetime struggle. Deep down, we know we are capable of so much more.

I have spent the last 15 years as a behavioral scientist & mindfulness teacher, where I developed and taught my students the skills of how to master their thoughts and emotions to help them get past their fears and live life fully.

It gives me great joy to help them see and tap into what I see in them – their potential and brilliance within. Let me be your guide.

What Clients Say...

I really love the mental awareness exercises...I have difficulty controlling my emotions and get really negative and down on myself all the time. Working with you has helped me increase my awareness, step back, not be controlled by my emotions, and instead, choose how I want to feel and respond. I love it!
Anna K
I have been wanting to write my book but often struggled with starting and stopping multiple times for YEARS. It wasn't until we started the work that I realized just how much fear was holding me back. We unpacked a bunch of stuff and also put in place a system (seriously, it's awesome) of behavior change that finally worked for me. Thanks!
Charlotte M
My private practice was suffering and I often found myself stuck and procrastinating because I was afraid. Shan gave me the tools and guided me to transform my relationship with my inner critic so I could move forward instead of letting it control me. As a spiritual nerd, I love the science behind the more spiritual aspects of what she teaches as well.
Jen S

The Courses

Quantum Leap Mastery

Total mindset and behavior change program
Proprietary system combining scientific and spiritual methods
12 weeks of training
Unlimited chat and text support
3x 45 minute 1:1 sessions

Calm Confidence Mastery


Find your voice and speak up 
Overcome mindset and assertiveness issues
Leverage on your unique strengths to build confidence
Combination of neuroscience, psychology & 
spiritual methods (backed by science)

6 weeks of 6 live training


1x 30 minute 1:1 session if paid in full

Starts May 18th 


How We Work Together

1. Find A Course

Identify which course is most suitable for you based on your needs 

2. Learn & Practice

Watch the live lectures and practice the exercises.
We will address your questions during our live lectures, text support or 1:1 sessions.

3. See Your Transformation

See yourself be in control of your thoughts and emotions, take action while pushing your comfort zones, and be confident.

You Don't Have to Go It Alone.

Feeling stuck is tough. When you feel like you should have done more to maximize your potential, it’s easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed and feel like you have failed. You start to wonder if you should settle for less, because you are unsure if you have what it takes to create the life that you want.

Can I ease your mind a bit? The truth is, it really is frustrating and scary when you are trying to build something new. You are pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, so it’s totally normal to be scared and worried if your business will succeed.

You are not a failure, and you are not alone. You just need the right skills to be the confident go-getter that you are. I can teach you the skills you need.

As a behavioral scientist with 15 years of experience on human behavior, I have worked with multiple clients just like you, introverts who are tired of shrinking and ready to move forward.

My online courses teach you mindset and behavior change secrets based on scientific research in neuroscience, psychology and mindfulness so you take charge with confidence.