I help Introvert entrepreneurs

step into their truth, confidence and into the space of "F**k yea, I am so excited! Let's do this!"

Building a business is Scary Shit.

you know you can do this.
but oh man, the struggle is real!

It doesn't have to be that way.

Imagine what it would be like to tap into your STRENGTHS

& values to build a business that you love.

Attract clients by speaking your truth.
Feel confident about the work that you do.
A thriving business aligned with your integrity.
Shift Your Mindset & Be Unstoppable
Make An Impact In People's Lives. ​

Let’s work together

1 on 1 Coaching

Who is my 1:1 coaching for? 

  • You want to tap into all aspects of your life to tap into your superpowers – & unleash your full potential
  • You are committed to do what it takes
  • You are ready for the next level
  • Includes 24/7 text/chat messaging support 

Soul Vision Course

Who is my course for? 

  • You want to build a business that’s aligned with your soul and your purpose.
  • You want to attract clients by speaking your truth
  • You know you are ready to expand 
  •  3 x 60 min 1:1 sessions to support you on your journey

Hi! I am Shan.

5 years ago, I was working as a business consultant to Fortune 100 companies, making $$$ and flying all over the world for work.

On the surface, it looked great. The reality was, I was fucking miserable.

My day would start at 5am, and would end about 1130pm. My entire life revolved around work.

The work did not align with my values, nor did it come from a space of integrity.  There was no room for authenticity, for connection, and to do any meaningful work that would uplift others.

I guess the Universe heard me, because eventually, I got laid off.

I knew I wanted to do something of meaning – but starting my own business felt SO SCARY.

  • I had no experience running a business.
  • I didn’t know what I wanted to do.
  • I was so scared of failure.
  • I didn’t think I would be able to recover ever again if I failed.

But yet, there was a part of me that was excited about doing my own thing.

Doing work from a space of integrity and that is aligned with my values.

Helping uplift people and doing meaningful work that makes a difference in people’s lives.

How to Get Started

Meet & Greet

Send me a chat message, email or schedule a phone call.
We discuss what's going on, what you want to achieve, and what's the best way I can help you.

The Journey

You will start work on the program of your choice.
We track your progress, tackle obstacles, and create your desired future in the 1:1 sessions.

Road To Success

Leverage your inner wisdom, resources and quirky traits to build a business that's authentic, creates impact in others lives and have fun while doing it!

What Clients Say

Iris Hamilton

“Working with Shan has been fabulous. I have done so much growth lately. I have been able to like, move, make progress.

When I started this journey, I was scared, I was overwhelmed, and mainly, I was, scared. And working with Shan has been like, help me take action, have a plan and be excited. Switching perspectives, now when I do stuff for myself in my business, it’s not from a space of fear. It’s from a space of fun. It’s something that I am looking forward to.

And even the possibility of failure, is exciting to me. Because I know that even if I fail, there is something for me to learn. This has been a complete game changer for me, and I am thankful. It has been an incredible, incredible, incredible journey, and I mean that.”

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“Do or Do Not, There is No Try.”