Unleash The Confident You

As an introvert,
I felt I had so much to give,
but often struggled with these issues…

You find you don’t speak up
You wish you were more assertive
You feel like your voice is stifled
You feel like the real you is muffled
You are tired of living small

You know deep within is the real, confident you
That’s assertive, firm and confident without coming across like an ass


This is for you if:

You know you were born for more.

You want to feel like the confident you that you KNOW you are.
You want to accept yourself regardless.

You want to feel proud and love yourself.

You want to trust yourself fully.

You want to be a leader.


In this course, I go through the foundations to help you unleash the real, confident you that’s within.

Fear: Here we talk about how our fear of judgment, and need for external approval gets in the way of us becoming who we are. We discuss methods to let go of these fears in ways that’s easy to do.

Finding Your Voice: In this training, I will teach how to find and listen to your inner voice, how to let it come through

Trust: There’s a tendency to not speak up because of lack of trust in ourselves, overthinking, and fear that we will look silly. This training will go in depth into this topic and teach you how to trust yourself.

Inner Critic: This training, we learn how to identify the various inner critics within, and methods to handle the inner critic so that it no longer controls you, but let’s you be in the driver’s seat

Self respect: In this training, I discuss the importance of learning how to respect yourself, how to do it, and how to establish healthy boundaries without feeling like an ass.

Conflict: Part of not speaking up is also a fear of conflict. In this training, we discuss what the different types of fears around conflict are, and what we can do to handle conflict easily, as well as to build your conflict resolution muscles over time.

Confidence: Here, we dive into building confidence from within. I share scientifically based methods as well as others that has worked to help you build your confidence over time.


6 live trainings over 6 weeks.

Investment: $897
Or payment plans available

Bonus: A 1:1 session with me if paid in full

We start May 18th.