About Me

About Me

And so, I dived straight into starting my own coaching biz, getting my certification etc, and trying to figure it out. And once again,  hit a brick wall.

  • I wasn’t clear on my niche.
  • I did so much research and prep, because I didn’t feel ready.
  • I was terrified of putting myself out there.
  • I was terrified of launching my products.
  • I didn’t know how to market myself
  • I felt overwhelmed.
  • I procrastinated a LOT.

So I was constantly feeling stuck, scared, and lost.

It took 4 years of experimenting to finally figure out that to move forward,

1) I first needed to do INTERNAL work.

Because if logic worked, I would be doing exactly what I needed to do instead of procrastinating and resisting!

There was something much bigger that was holding me back – and that was my emotional state, thoughts and beliefs.

Once I mastered my emotions and shifted my beliefs to a space of alignment, and the space of “f** it let’s do this!” my next realization as I continued building my business was to

2) Stop making myself wrong and step into my power.

  • I had all these rules of what I should be doing.
  • What I was supposed to be.
  • How I should be doing things based on experts advice and conventional wisdom

Even though it did NOT align with who I am, and there was something OFF about it.

I was constantly making MYSELF wrong, when there was nothing wrong with me.

So when I listened to my soul, made myself right, stepped into my power and accepted myself for who I am, while LEVERAGING on my strengths in my business and marketing, I REALLY started to attract clients.

Because my tribe resonated with the real me. And those are the people I WANT to serve.


And then comes managing the business.

I felt overwhelmed, and there felt like 10001 things that I needed to do. Sometimes, I didn’t know WHERE or WHAT to start with!

I guess the Universe made me go through my corporate career for a reason, because my experience running multiple projects across countries & different teams kicked in.

3) I built a simplified system that eliminated the overwhelm and made everything manageable.

And at the same time, making sure that the foundation of the system was based on flow and joy.

Because there WILL be days when you feel inspired to do certain things, and following that inspiration leads to amazing things.

And when we feel JOY and excitement in what we do, it motivates us, builds momentum, and it’s incredible to allow and watch it unfold.

I freaking love what I do.

I am honored that my clients trust me and allow me to be a part of their lives.

I love watching their internal spark ignite as we work together.

I LOVE watching their transformation as they blossom and own their truth, their power, and confidence in their business.

And watching them transform is what fuels me to do what I do every day.