About Me

Hi, I am Shan.

As the “black sheep” of the family who always asked “why?” instead of accepting norms, human behavior and the inner workings of the mind has fascinated me. 

This fascination led to my pursuing my PhD and subsequent careers in behavioral science. I did research and taught at universities in the United States, and worked in the behavioral field in my corporate consulting career. 

When I went through a divorce, lost my home and job all within the span of 12 months, I spiraled into anger and depression. But the nosy scientist in me was also fascinated by what was going on – and HOW can I get out of this shitty mindf**k? 

That led to a period of 7 years of research and experiments on how to get rid of negative thoughts, change my mindset and  my behavior. 

I made a lot of VERY expensive mistakes along the way, but it was worth it when I finally figured it out. I felt like I had to share the knowledge I had to because you DON’T have to needlessly suffer. There is light at the end of the tunnel